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Is There Such a Thing as a Discount Disney Vacation?

As much as you’re looking forward to heading to Walt Disney World for a fantastic family trip, the cost of a full vacation to Disney in Orlando with the entire family can sometimes put a strain on the wallet. Sure, for those who can afford full price of admission and the convenience of a resort in the park, it’s no problem – but why should you bother paying full price when you don’t have to? If you’re a traveler who wants to make the most of your money, there’s good news! A discount Disney vacation is within your reach.

When planning your Walt Disney World vacation, take the time to look into all the different agencies and places that you could purchase your admission tickets. Travel agents and many vacation websites often have some amazing deals on theme park admission passes – even as much as being able to buy five days of admission for the price of only three!

Here’s a little secret you might also want to consider: if you’re thinking that you might return to Walt Disney World sometime down the road, whether it’s a year, two years, or even ten years from now, why not pay a little bit extra on your admission pass… and give it a non-expiry status? That’s right, for just a small fee, you can make it so that the days you don’t use on your admission pass are good forever!

That means that if you buy a Magic Your Way pass for 10 days at Walt Disney World, and you only use 5 days worth – you can come back anytime and use the rest of those 5 days. They never expire! And since the cost of entrance per day decreases the more days you add to your basic pass, you’re getting a fantastic deal in the long run.

Disney has also gone out of its way to make life easier for those looking into a discount Disney vacation, by setting up Disney Value resorts around its theme parks. While they don’t have all the same comforts found in a deluxe resort, staying at a Value resort will allow you to have that whole Disney World experience without sacrificing half your budget for accommodations!

The four official Disney Value resorts for those looking to create a discount Disney vacation are: Disney’s All-Star Music resort, Disney’s All-Star Movies resort, Disney’s Pop Century resort, and Disney’s All-Star sports resort. These resorts also come with complimentary shuttle service from the resort to all the theme parks and attractions!

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Though it may seem like an impossible dream, you can plan a discount Disney vacation and have the time of your life!

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